Saturday, 21 March 2015

Beginning of Time (no wait, beginning of blog. That's it!)

Right, so I now feel like I should start posting this.

Back in August, I was told by my friends Sophie and Hayley that I needed something to post about one thing I have a love for. History. So that's why this blog exists. They felt that people needed to know about my better than average look into Historical Events. Or at least my opinion on it. Either way, they were both great and I felt that I should do a internet blog, and then at least if people start to read it then they would find it by searching for opinions in history.

Basically, I love researching about History. About how movements and certain events of our past have happened and the subsequent things that occur with these events. It's fascinating, and I really enjoy talking about these things. I also do teach history to some people, so I guess I can use my experiences of that for this :)

So, I'll hopefully post semi-regularly and see how it goes, and also if you have any suggestions please do tweet them to me on @alex_jrobertson. I'll be tweeting a link to each blog post on Twitter too, so you'll be able to see them all on there :)